About the 1¢ Proposal

The Hattiesburg 1¢ Parks and Recreation proposal is a special municipal election to allow residents the opportunity to raise the restaurant and hotel/motel sales tax by 1% to invest in parks and recreation facilities in the City of Hattiesburg. 

The additional 1% in restaurant and hotel/motel tax revenue is expected to generate at least $2.4 million per year. The total amount of new revenue would be split, with half going to improve parks and recreation facilities and half going to support renovations to Reed Green Coliseum, allowing it to also function as a municipal arena. 

If passed by 60% of those voting on April 23, the additional 1% tax would begin collection on June 1, 2019 and be in effect until June 30, 2022. 

Projects that will be funded by this proposal include:

  • Miracle League inclusion field for children with special needs
  • Lighting and drainage improvements to 9th Street Ballpark
  • Drainage improvements to soccer fields at Tatum Park
  • Expansion of walking path at Duncan Lake
  • Tennis facility improvements at Tatum Park
  • Light installation at Friendship Park in East Jerusalem neighborhood
  • New girls softball field at Hattiesburg High
  • Chain Park amphitheater
  • Refinishing of Thames Elementary gym floor for use as indoor recreation facility during non-school hours
  • Splash pad at Sullivan Park in Palmers Crossing
  • Tennis court installation at E 8th Street park
  • Property acquisition for park in Midtown
  • Playground equipment upgrades at Kamper Park
  • Splash pad at Timberton Park
  • Renovations at old Hattiesburg American building into community arts center space
  • Conversion of dilapidated and abandoned property into public green spaces, pocket parks and community gardens
  • Additional blueway public access point on Leaf River

The above projects assume a $1.2 million per year revenue stream for approximately three years (June 1, 2019 through June 30, 2022). Any city share of revenue collected above $1.2 million each year will be invested into sidewalks, bike trails and multi-use paths, with specific focus on:

  • S 40th Avenue
  • Westover Dr
  • E 7th Street
  • Quinn Street
  • Edwards Street
  • N 31st Avenue
  • S 17th Avenue

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